Partnering Extends Us All

One Global Village collaborates with partner organizations to identify and address the education and health needs of our communities.

  • AFRIpads

    AFRIpads are reusable sanitary pads manufactured by an organization in rural Uganda. We first began purchasing and distributing the pads as part of a Menstrual Health Management kit and training while working in Northern Uganda, and have since incorporated this important product into the Health and Healthy Behaviors program in Mali.

  • Clinique Paix

    Clinique Paix (Peace Clinic) in Ouéléssébougou Mali, led by Dr. Oumar Bagayoko, provides general surgery, gynecological care, and general medical care to the community. Dr. Konaté, Dr. Diarra, Dr. Safiatou Bagayoko, and staff including the indefatigable Samuel provide a warm welcome and shared location for our annual medical mission. Dr. Oumar's strong ties to the medical community in Bamako help source anesthesiologists who return each year to join the team. We treasure the time and ability to work side-by-side with these longtime colleagues and friends each year.

  • Giocare

    Our partners Rounding Up Undies have sourced this sustainable, "Environment Friendly, Women friendly, Pocket Friendly" Indian manufacturer of reusable cloth pads that will be included in the Menstrual Health Management kits and education distributed as part of the 2020 mission to Bhopal, India. We are delighted to find a local partner whose mission and goals are so aligned with ours. Founding NGO Gramalaya "focuses on five pillars of sanitation such as Safe Drinking Water, Sustainable Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Nutrition."

  • MADI Apparel

    MADI Apparel is a socially conscious intimate apparel brand committed to creating positive wordly change in EVERY area of the underwear industry. MADI donates a pair of underwear for all intimates sold. MADI Apparel generously contributed underwear for distribution with Menstrual Health Management kits and education in Mali and India.

  • Rotary Bamako Ouest

    We first were introduced to the local Rotary club Bamako Ouest through Rotary contacts in Kansas City, and they have become a steady source of information, connections, and partnership. Our Mali Director Koro wrote a successful grant to the club to purchase a grinding mill for Dagabo, later joined as a member, and eventually served as President of the club. We have partnered to support health and education initiatives, including free health screening clinics and solar lights for local schools. We are thankful for their friendship and proud to be associated with the work done by Rotary Bamako Ouest.

  • Rounding Up Undies for India

    Rounding Up Undies is a volunteer-driven organization that sponsors events and fundraisers to collect supplies for Menstrual Health Management kits, including undies, washcloths, soap, and handmade cloth bags. Their Rounding Up Undies for India project has collected many hundreds of donated products to benefit girls at a rural school near Bhopal, India.

  • Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital Trust

    This extraordinary organization, founded in response to an industrial disaster in 1987, operates a first-class hospital, thousands of free clinics in rural areas in India, and a STEM-focused, all-girls school. We are excited to launch a medical and educational mission in collaboration with the Trust in 2020, that will include a general surgery camp, Menstrual Health Management program, and girls empowerment – all programs requested by and in support of the vision of Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital Trust.

  • United Aid Foundation

    United Aid Foundation has supported our health care initiatives from the beginning, providing Ready Relief kits for surgical and clinical missions and later funding purchase of wound care supplies and basic medications for year-round provision at the Hawa Clinic in Mali. In 2020 a UAF team joined our annual mission to Mali and worked with local laborers to build several structures for Siraba School including a covered, solar-powered eating and meeting area with tables and benches, a covered area for the women cooking the daily lunch, and new soccer field goals for the village.

  • The Wash Project

    The Wash Project, founded in 2011, has grown into an entrepreneurial development initiative for local women, helped young people develop leadership skills, and started sports tournaments that draws thousands of spectators each year, all to reinforce the main message: Washing hands with soap saves lives. Co-founder Tieblecoro Samaké also joined our Mali team as Siraba School coordinator (we think his new basketball tournament for girls may have been inspired by watching the girls play with the hoop we put up in Dagabo!)