One Globe, One Village

  • About Us – Overview

    We Are All Villagers

    Operating in 6 villages worldwide, One Global Village collaborates with local communities and partners to identify needs and provide access to programs including school support, comprehensive health education, clinical & surgical care, and empowering women & girls. One Global Village began as “The Siraba School Village,” founded to support Siraba School in Dagabo, Mali. Siraba School itself began at the request of the Chief of Dagabo, and with generous donations and considerable labor from villagers, we completed the first school building and launched the school in 2010.

    Learning and responding to a communities’ specific needs is our central philosophy

    That spirit, to learn and respond to a community’s specific needs, is a central philosophy of One Global Village. Our programs begin when a community approaches our team with an identified need, where we have established relationships in the field and the skills and connections to help address that need. Programs are added and expand as relationships strengthen and additional needs are identified: a school lunch program to combat chronic food insecurity, a Health Education program and women’s educational gatherings to eliminate misconceptions and reinforce safe and healthy practices, higher education support for dedicated students. One Global Village also took over an annual surgical mission that otherwise would have ceased due to turmoil in northern Mali and continues to expand medical programs in Mali, Uganda, and into India in 2020.

    Our global team members and partners work together to identify and collaborate on addressing the education and health needs of our communities and to build and strengthen local capabilities for long-term sustainability. We believe that sharing of cultures and exchange of ideas is fundamental to global peace-building and peace-keeping and that working together as One Global Village is key to the success of our collective efforts.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

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